Modern Merchants

For businesses small and large, effectively connecting with the modern consumer in any meaningful way is both challenging and expensive. Developing lasting brand loyalty, for most businesses, has become a thing of the past. Concurrently, consumer value is changing. Increasingly, consumers are looking to become involved in their community and make a difference locally; through the businesses they patronize and the brands they purchase from.

The Challenge

Yet, for most businesses and brands; running a social impact campaign isn’t feasible. They’re expensive, require relationship building with charities, require specialized advertising, provide no quantifiable success metric, and choosing the wrong cause can alienate consumers.

HelpFirst is a tool for businesses to utilize their tax deductible charity donation dollars to drive sales that connect with consumers and their community through social commerce. 

We’ve built a platform that incentivizes community problem solving. Our platform utilizes the tax code, consumer vanity, and the need for instant gratification on social media; to re-envision the consumption process. To effectively connect with the modern consumer, the modern marketplace must facilitate a confluence of: social impact, consumer experience, convenience, personalization, transparency, budgeting, and peer validation; all of which we have masterfully integrated into the HelpFirst cause based social commerce platform.

Our Impact Marketplace facilitates the evolved market value proposition. We empower the consumer to direct brand impact at the point of sale in a transparent, community focused, relationship building social process while providing a first of its kind service to merchants and brands. Our platform facilitates the consumer control and experience that the modern consumer will come to expect in a process that builds and communicates brand social impact with each revenue generating transaction.




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About us

Help First Inc. is A Public Benefit Corporation.

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1133 15th St NW 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20005 USA