A Great Transformation

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The American Economy will change more in the next ten years, then it has in the past two hundred. Transformative technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will assume the majority of our physical work and routine tasks. While digital devices and sensors throughout our homes, appliances, clothing, and products will connect everything to the Internet of Things automating the majority of our purchases.


The coming technology will simplify and streamline processes giving consumers greater choice and control than ever before.

With the HelpFirst platform, every product or service sold has both cost savings and Impact that the consumer directs.

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Through our platform, a national brand can connect with their consumer in a meaningful and lasting way, while supporting local organizations in the consumers community, all in a social process.

Network community concept . Mixed media

Corporate Leadership

Network community concept . Mixed media

Engagement Not Just Money

The SBE Council hosted the Startup Summer Policy Forum last week. The speakers included Michael O’rielly, FCC Commissioner, Maureen Ohlhausen the acting FTC Chair, Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, and Dan Gilbert the Co-Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When Mr. Gilbert made the statement at the beginning of his talk that Detroit would be the center of the world once again, I thought he was selling real estate. After listening to him speak, I realized that was not the case. There’s something special about where we grow up, the place we call home. Detroit is Dan Gilberts hometown, and at a time when most other business leaders were abandoning the once great American City in large numbers. He not only stayed, he fully committed, and moved Quicken Loans and its 17,000 employees from out in the suburbs to Downtown Detroit.

Mr. Gilbert didn’t just hope that things would turn around and get better in Detroit, he got to work.


Corporate Social Leadership – Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert speaking at the SBE Council Startup Summer Policy Forum.

Empowering Impact

When we work towards a higher selfless goal, we find purpose. Purpose is the foundation of inspiration. Inspiration drives innovation; innovation drives growth; growth facilitates prosperity; prosperity leads to unity. When people are inspired, they’re not only happier, they’re more productive. As Mr. Gilbert says, everyone wins.


By paying his employees to volunteer, he’s not only investing in the communities they operate in, he’s investing in his workforce, and the company culture. Its no coincidence that they’re consistently voted best place to work and highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power.

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Problem Solving Requires Ownership

We may be a part of a global economy, but we all still live, work, and raise our children in communities. Of the 89,004 communities in the United States, each face unique challenges that need unique solutions.

Problems solving requires problem ownership. If its not your problem; if you don’t own it, you’re not going to fix it. We need community connections of value that build and foster relationships that will have a positive impact on the challenges we face together in communities across America.

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The Need for Innovation in Philanthropy

Unfortunately the Silly Checks are the least ridiculous part….

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Brands use cause marketing to connect with us, but the current model businesses employ lacks transparency, efficiency, and limits the reach of their campaign by not including the consumer in the process. The HelpFirst platform changes that, letting the customer direct which cause and platform charity will benefit from their purchase.

The problems with the current process don’t end with the silly checks. The process of learning about, engaging with, and supporting effective community nonprofits should be easier, the process should be more engaging, transparent, and social.

If the greatest nation in the history of mankind can conquer the moon, win both world wars, bring the world online while creating a trade environment that gave more humans access to cell phones than clean sanitation, we can do anything, but we have to work together. And we need to know what we’re motivated by as individuals and as a people.

We’re all in this together –

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American Enterprise

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, its the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

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