Brands use cause marketing to connect with us, but the current model businesses employ lacks transparency, efficiency, and limits the reach of their campaign by not including the consumer in the process. The HelpFirst platform changes that, letting the customer direct which cause and platform charity will benefit from their purchase.

HelpFirst will lead in transparency. The game-changing technologies which will fundamentally change how retail and consumer brands connect and do business with the modern consumer will change vastly over the coming decade. At HelpFirst, we not only intend to be a part of this transformation, we intend to lead it.

As a public benefit corporation, transparency is in our DNA.  The HelpFirst Platform tracks every dollar that moves through the system, publicly viewable at all times.

Our Promise

Companies too often treat people like they’re problems and not the reason they’re in business. Nothing infuriates me more than poor service, other than poor quality. Whatever you are, be a good one. Far too often this is forgotten. In markets with razor thin profits to begin with, folks treat customers as if courtesy is a luxury; well it isn’t, and we’ll not tolerate sub par products or services on the HelpFirst platform.

If several of our users flag a platform business, we will pull the business listing until we can investigate and resolve the issue. When we say quality connections, We mean to guarantee it.

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