Continual Education

Easy problems are easily solved. Difficult problems require understanding, cooperation, communication, hard work, and most importantly; Education.  The problems we face are as unique and varied as our communities themselves. This is why we’ve designed our platform to encourage the user to learn about effective charities in their area with each connection or sale. The user must scroll past the charities ‘Charity Navigator Rating’ if rated, the Charities Impact Statement, and the Charities Mission Statement before selecting the organization to benefit.

Live Empowered

Each platform charity is asked to send in a monthly featured story exhibiting how they are utilizing resources generated from the platform to best tackle problems and impact the community, this is displayed on their platform page.

Ignorance may be bliss, but thats not how I think of it. The words libelous and complicit come to mind first. We don’t go around solving other peoples problems, that would be foolish. Before we’ll take action as individuals or as a community, we must first take ownership of our problems. Before ownership can take place we must first be aware of the problem, and understand it well enough to formulate a plan and execute. Education, cooperation, and an empowered mindset are essential.

Government is not the solution to our problems, we are.

Together We’re Unstoppable

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