E. Pluribus Unum

Politicians, the media, and paid activists seek to divide us on a daily basis, and they’re succeeding. We focus on cause groups and charities that regardless of politics or religion we can all agree need addressing. The kind of positive change we need on so many levels, in so many communities; will require us to reevaluate our priorities, and start connecting with one another again. Not just those in our social media echo chambers, but also with the people in our community that we may not agree with. When open minded people of character and intelligence communicate about issues, problems start getting solved.

And We Must Rise

 The HelpFirst platform will be one of unity that connects local people, with local businesses, in support of effective non-profits that are working to make our communities better places to live for all of us. We need quality connections that unite and strengthen communities. That may sound like a grand idea; but its the foundation HelpFirst Inc. is built on.



Transparency is in our DNA. To meet the transparency provisions of benefit corporation legislation, we work with a third party assessor to create an annual benefit report that’s released to the public. The HelpFirst Platform tracks every dollar that moves through the system and displays on the respective profiles. Brands use cause marketing to connect with us, but the current model businesses employ lacks transparency, efficiency, and limits the reach of their campaign by not including the consumer in the process.

As A Benefit Corporation

.A Benefit Corporation is a for-profit corporate entity, authorized by 30 U.S. states and the District of Columbia that includes positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals. In everything that you purchase, you have a choice. We believe the best businesses not only provide high quality goods and services at great prices, they support the communities that support them.


We list the Charity Navigator Rating for all rated non-profits.

Charity Navigator, an outstanding charity itself, does not have the resources to rate all 1.5 Million non-profits across America. They have about 8,000 rated, and do the most thorough analysis . We have developed our own metric of quality to determine who is the best at what in each community.

If the greatest nation in the history of mankind can conquer the moon, win both world wars, bring the world online while creating a trade environment that gave more humans access to cell phones than clean sanitation, we can do anything, but we have to work together. And we need to know what we’re motivated by as individuals and as a people.



Impact Driven Commerce

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