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The value proposition is changing. The modern consumer is looking at more than price and quality when making a purchase. Research indicates that many consumers are basing purchase decisions on attributes beyond product taste, performance, and price. For instance, almost half of US consumers strongly prefer brands and products that align to drivers such as corporate citizenship (CSR), and transparency. Our economy is global, but we live, work, and socialize in communities, and more and more people are looking to become involved and make a difference through the brands they support.

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Within the next 10 years, technology will connect every aspect of our everyday lives, and hyperconnectedness (widespread use of devices that have Internet connectivity) will become the new normal. Sensors and digital devices will be everywhere – throughout our homes, in our clothing, and in our appliances. Our lifestyles will simplify and improve with the coming technological advancements. 

The World Economic Forum and Accenture confirmed many of the hypothesis that were used to build the HelpFirst platform with their recent study;  Shaping the Future of Retail for Consumer Industries.The game-changing technologies which will fundamentally change how retail and consumer brands connect and do business with the modern consumer will change vastly over the coming decade. At HelpFirst, we not only intend to be a part of this trasformation, we intend to lead it.

The Future



Over the next 10 years, retailers and related industries will leverage the transformative power of emerging technologies to innovate and create new economic value while improving the daily lives of consumers. How we live, work, and relate to one another will evolve with the technologies we’ll integrate into every aspect of our daily lives.

As consumers gain more choice and greater control of the consumption process, we’ll be presented with a vast array of products and services that are personalized to our specific needs and wants. Consumers will continue to demand transparency in price and quality with greater convenience, while shopping will become less a chore and more about choice and personalization. Stores will specialize in rich, engaging experiences of product discovery and selection that encourage interaction with product and product experts.


The digitization of data will drive highly personalized consumer experiences. Consumer preferences will be immediately understood, with companies providing hyperpersonalized product and service offerings which will factor a consumer’s current emotional state into each interaction. In addition, consumers will have an exponential amount of control and choice in every step of the purchasing process in everything from personalizing products to instantaneous delivery.  Activities that do not drive value to the consumer experience like the stocking of shelves, or cRobot's hand is pushing the buttonheck out, will be automated.

Robots will work alongside a highly skilled human frontline workforce to highly personalize interactive shopping experiences. The frontline workforce in retail will be transformed, for the betterment of consumers, the business and the workforce.

The impact of the digital transformation on the retail workforce, the environment and communities includes some potentially negative implications that will need to be mitigated regarding job loss and retraining, as well as the repurposing of retail space. Responsible, responsive leadership and collaborative action through public-private partnerships will be vital.

The Empowered Consumer

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This new breed of consumer is shaping the future of consumption, where incumbents must adopt disruptive technologies and business models to cater to them. Increasingly empowered consumers will have ready access to information, which means they will make decisions differently. They will use technology, especially mobile devices, in day-to-day decisions and tasks. They’ll also be hands-on, creating and controlling unique, personalized experiences.

The expanded consumer equation

Historically, the consumer equation has had three dimensions – cost, choice and convenience – and each has comprised a small spectrum with a limited number of options. New technology is expanding this equation and making it more complex. Control and experience will add critical additional dimensions, and the cost, choice and convenience continuums will be greatly expanded. This will translate into an unparalleled proliferation of permutations for consumer value.

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Consumer value is evolving

Consumer value differs among consumers, and the numerous technologies, channels and business models developing across the industry will make it even harder to identify a specific consumer’s value equation. To meet expectations and connect with the modern consumer, retailers and CPG companies must keep up with and shape all the different dimensions that contribute to consumer value like cost, choice, convenience, control, consumer experience, and community impact.

Disruptive Technologies

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Eight new technologies are expected to disrupt the retail and CPG industries, offering unprecedented opportunities. They will be adopted at different rates, but each will fundamentally change some aspect of the end-to-end value chain and redefine the core operations of the retail and CPG industries.Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.51.56 PM

The eight technologies:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Autonomous Vehicles/ Drones
  3. Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  4. Robotics
  5. Digital Traceability
  6. 3D Printing
  7.  Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality
  8.  Blockchain



Societal Implications



Consumers will be central to shaping the future direction of the industry. As their expectations around cost, choice, convenience, control and experience continue to climb, they will challenge the industry to keep up. At the same time, new and disruptive technologies will fundamentally impact the end-to-end industry value chain, benefitting both the industry and consumers.

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Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most do. That’s actually all that most people do. We need solutions, cooperation, shared goals, and an empowered mindset if we’re ever to realize our possibilities as a people.

The Problems We Face as a People are Great


“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Of all the apps, and social platforms on the market, I found that none actually improved lives by empowering users through their involvement with Brands; the same brands that rely on our loyalty. When I started working on the HelpFirst platform, I envisioned a new commerce model that builds brand value by empowering consumers to impact the things important in their lives, in their communities. Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 2.55.52 PM

The process of learning about, engaging with, and supporting effective community nonprofits should be easier, and the process should be more engaging, transparent, and social.

In our modern, multicultural, multiethnic, politically divided marketplace; brands are desperate to connect. While as consumers we’re judging brands on far more than just price and quality. The modern consumer (you and me) are inundated with nonstop marketing from the time we wake up, until the time we go to bed. Its excessive. Its so excessive that we’ve started subconsciously tuning it all out unless its something we personally care about. Personal connections for brands are extremely valuable. Everyone reading this has a Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and it’s about time we started using them collectively for human progress.

The HelpFirst Value Model

If you create value for others, they’ll create value in you. There is a process for everything; in business as in life; growth only comes from renewal. Inspiration drives innovation; innovation drives growth; growth facilitates prosperity; prosperity leads to unity.

Unity is essential to progress

We need quality connections that unite and strengthen communities. That may sound like a grand idea; but its the foundation HelpFirst Inc. is built on.

If the greatest nation in the history of mankind can conquer the moon, win both world wars, bring the world online while creating a trade environment that gave more humans access to cell phones than clean sanitation, we can do anything, but we have to work together. And we need to know what we’re motivated by as a people, and as individuals. The HelpFirst platform will promote empowerment through every platform connection thats made on HelpFirst. The platform will empower people to impact the things that matter in their life, with every connection. If we can make the American consumption process an empowering social experience with a process of guaranteed quality, unexpected efficiencies and unique value for consumers, businesses, and charities alike, while also improving the communities we operate in; we’ll have redefined the definition of success.

We focus on cause groups and charities that regardless of politics or religion we can all agree need addressing. Politicians, the media, and paid activists seek to divide us on a daily basis, and they’re succeeding. The kind of positive change we need on so many levels, in so many communities; will require us to reevaluate our priorities, and start connecting with one another again. Not just those in our social media echo chambers, but also with the people in our community that we may not agree with. When open minded people of character and intelligence communicate about issues, problems start getting solved. The HelpFirst platform will be one of unity that connects local people, with local businesses, in support of effective non-profits that are working to make our communities better places to live for all of us.

Fund A Breakthrough

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Apart from empowering users to support efforts to eradicate disease and poverty, and tackle local issues, we’re working to bring organizations onto the platform that seek creative solutions to our energy needs, as well as scientific breakthroughs that will enable humanity to become a multi-planet space faring species. It’s the chance of discovery that emboldens the human soul. That’s what life’s all about; advancement, discovery, and continual growth through education and new experiences.

Continual Education

Easy problems are easily solved. Difficult problems require understanding, cooperation, communication, hard work, and most importantly; Education.  The problems we face are as unique and varied as our communities themselves. This is why we’ve designed our platform to encourage the user to learn about effective charities in their area with each connection or sale. The user must scroll past the charities ‘Charity Navigator Rating’ if rated, the Charities Impact Statement, and the Charities Mission Statement before selecting the organization to benefit.

Each platform charity is asked to send in a monthly featured story exhibiting how they are utilizing resources generated from the platform to best tackle problems and impact the community, this is displayed on their platform page.

Ignorance may be bliss, but thats not how I think of it. The words libelous and complicit come to mind first. We don’t go around solving other peoples problems, that would be foolish. Before we’ll take action as individuals or as a community, we must first take ownership of our problems. Before ownership can take place we must first be aware of the problem, and understand it well enough to formulate a plan and execute. Education, cooperation, and an empowered mindset are essential.

Government is not the solution to our problems, we are.

Think Deeper – See Further


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